I passionately believe that every milliner has within them the ability to take great photographs. My job is to enable that.

Jon Busby, Co-founder – The Portrait Kitchen.

At London Hat Week 2020, Anjee and I were invited to give a series of talks about millinery photography. We shared some easy to do tips as well as constructive critiques of hat images that some attendees submitted to us. We have recently done a similar talk to the Milliners Guild in the USA.

We had nearly 100 milliners attend our three talks from all over the world. What was really interesting was the interaction with many milliners submitting additional questions via chat. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive and we enjoyed helping milliners improve their photographs.

There is clearly an appetite from milliners to learn and develop their photography skills which got Anjee and I thinking. How can we share our knowledge about hat photography to help the global millinery community? So we created ‘Ask.’

‘Ask’ is a unique service for milliners who want to learn how to improve their hat photography. Full details of the service can be found here or click the ‘Ask’ button below.

So what is ‘Ask’?

‘Ask’ is a community knowledge and skill share, designed to help you take even better photographs of your hats.

Imagine having access to the knowledge and insights of a professional millinery photographer. Well now you have. No more trawling through long YouTube videos, no more baffling photography language, and all tailored for your needs and knowledge level. Let’s collaborate, share are help you overcome your photography frustrations.

‘Ask’ provides a 60 minute one to one Zoom call. This will give you the chance to talk to me and explain what you want to achieve.

Jon was incredibly helpful sharing his experience and expertise on millinery photography. He demystifies photography in a way that anyone can understand. The session was packed with information, ‘golden’ advice and useful practical tips and tricks. The Portrait Kitchen’s ‘Ask’ service is exactly what I was looking for,

Valeria Agostini Millinery

Because the service is delivered via Zoom it doesn’t matter where you are in the world.

We hope milliners find ‘Ask’ useful in helping them with their photography.





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