I have started experimenting with colours in Photoshop to see what potential this opens up.

It struck me that when I receive a hat to photograph it is a single item. Its colours are set. But what if a milliner wanted to offer numerous colours of the same hat as part of their offering? What if they had numerous material colours? Rather than make more hats they could market numerous colours of the same hat on their site and essentially build to order based on what the client chooses.

The cool thing about Photoshop is you can use any colour. Any! If you have a white hat and want it in red, no problem. Navy to purple? Sure.

I have provided a before and after visualisation of ‘Mist’ by Donna Hartley. The original is in blue, but I have adjusted the colour hue to make it mint.

And not just hats. This technique can work with any fabric or object.

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