Consistent Branding

What a good millinery photographer should bring to their client is not just being able to shoot a good shot but a business-like approach to the photograph. You hat is your baby so sure, a millinery photographer’s job is to make it look it’s very best.

So how does a milliner make his/her hats stand out from a crowded market? One aspect to consider is what I would call ‘consistent branding.’ [SPOILER: This takes time.] So the style of a shot is repeated again and again on different hats and reinforces the brand. ‘Style’ in this context is not about the hat per se and it could be one or a number of many things; the colour grading, the model, her attitude, the environment etc. Styling in this sense is about presentation.

I’d bet good money that if I laid 5 fashion images in front of you and removed any logo identity or text, then said pick the Ralph Lauren one you’d be successful. This is because Ralph has thought through his branding so that you recognise it without having to think.

For me millinery photography is more than a photograph of a hat. It is about building an brand identity that connects with your target audience and differentiates you. And the good news is that it is not that hard to do. How we get to this is by understanding the identity you want using collaboration.

Just to be clear, I am talking about how you present hats (be that in photography or video) to your audience rather the hats themselves. This is exactly how the most iconic brands, from laptops to trainers, in the world take their products to market. You know who they are without even thinking. Their identity creates loyalty and loyalty is a fast route to the checkout basket. I see no reason why the same marketing methodology could not be done by a milliner.

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