Millinery Photography Tips – Removing hard shadow on the wall behind your hat.

I see this a lot. A hat has been photographed but there is a hard dark shadow on the wall or like a halo around the hat. Some people are cool with that but picture editors aren’t.

There is a simple fix for this. Move the hat and stand forward by a few or as many inches as you want. The light then gently falls away before it hits the wall or backdrop. How far you move it forward will determine the amount of shadow. A little bit of soft shadow can be good because it creates a separation from the wall.

See, that cost you zero £’s to do and boom! your hard shadow has either been reduced or removed depending on what you want.

If you have questions about millinery photography just drop a line to The Portrait Kitchen. We will do our vest to help you out. You can send us pictures you have taken for constructive review. If you want a more one to one Zoom session then we have our Ask service.

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