Get ready milliners, it’s time to book those hat shoots!

Shoot Update

As lockdown is easing in the UK we can announce that our shoots will be available as follows;

  • Outdoor shoots (larger than one-to-one) can go ahead from no earlier than 29th March 2021. We have an outdoor and covered studio set. Milliner may attend but safe distancing rules will be observed.
  • Indoor shoots, outdoor group shoots, and large events from no earlier than 17th May 2021. Milliner may attend but safe distancing rules will be observed.
  • The return of normality from no earlier than 21st June 2021

Therefore our outdoor and covered studio will be available for shoots after 29th March and our indoor studio after 17th May.

We have a special offer for milliners available here that offers a discount off our normal rates. We are able to shoot hats from anywhere in the world so don’t worry if you are not UK based.

These dates are subject to any change in the UK Government’s COVID Roadmap, (and the British weather).

Both Anjee and I have had our first vaccine, Astra Zeneca.

Let us both help make your hats look even more amazing!

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