Millinery Photography 101 – White Balance

Millinery Photography 101 – White Balance

Some of you may have attended our recent Zoom workshops that we have been doing during lockdown. Anjee and I started doing them with the goal of helping the millinery community compose even better images.

I wanted to create something that anyone can do, isn’t expensive, you don’t need to have any prior photography knowledge and everything I explain can be done with existing tools that you may already have on your phone, tablet or computer. I am calling it ‘Millinery Photography 101.’

Photography is part science and part art. But the science can often feel a bit daunting. However with some simple tips I hope to make it less daunting to you.

Millinery Photography 101 will be presented as a 30 minute Zoom, with a 5 minute in and out at each end so I remain within Zoom’s free service requirements. Zoom is quite brutal when the 40 minutes runs out so I plan to have a fixed start and end time. I will also record the event so if you arrive late or can’t make it don’t worry you’ll be able to download it if you subscribe below.

In a way the time limit imposed by Zoom is actually a positive as it means I can take a more disciplined approach to what I share. I also think it is better for you as the attendee to have tips compartmentalised into multiple short Zooms. Longer one to one Zoom’s can be delivered via our ‘Ask’ service if you want to take a deeper dive more specific to you.

So what sort of things will I be covering? Over a series of Zooms I plan to touch on the main things that I get asked by milliners; composition, backgrounds, lighting, creating an identity, cool apps that create visual impact etc.

The first session will be on white balance, which is a photography term for colour temperature, or simply put how to make an image less warm or less cool. It’s a massive topic but I want to condense it down without all the mathematics behind it and show you how to fix it.

White balance errors are a common thing I see in millinery photography (and a lot of non-millinery images) and it typically reveals itself in say a background that looks white to your eye but the phone/camera may give it an off-white colour or cast. Have a look at the sample video below, and watch what happens to the whites in this image I did for Jane Fryers from before it is temperature balanced and after.


White balance is a matter of personal taste and some of you may like your images warmer or cooler but I’d like to show you in one sample image the difference it can make.

And here is the best bit. In most cases it can be corrected by using a simple slider that is baked in to the Photos app on you phone, tablet or computer. It is there but not everyone knows it is.

I use Apple devices but I would be surprised if any other platform does not have the feature.

There is no charge to attend the Millinery Photography 101 Zooms and there is capacity for up to 100 attendees. I do have a Tip Jar that you are welcome to use to buy me a coffee if you feel the session was of value.

I anticipate that the first Zoom will be one evening, mid-week GMT or maybe at a weekend. I work shifts four days in seven so would need to work around those. Ideally I’d like to get this going from about mid-April.

To express your interest in attending all you need to do is complete the form below so I can send you the log-in details a day or so before the event.



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