Millinery Photography Tips – Cropping

Cropping an image can make a huge difference. It costs nothing to do and every editing app has a crop tool built in as standard.

A few years ago I used to try and make the hat and stand fit into whatever focal length my camera had. This lead to the top or sides being eliminated. Perhaps this a challenge that you have experienced?

The Portrait KitchenTo get round this I photograph beyond the hat and include a lot of stuff or artefacts that won’t be in the final image when I have cropped. For example on this image the ladders, table, clips etc would act as a distraction to the viewer. I’ve photographed it this way because it is far better to have too much to work with than too little.




The Portrait KitchenWhat I then do is use the crop tool to refine the image leading to this final photograph. It is a process that you may get first time or after a couple of attempts.

One thing I’d add about cropping is the aspect ratio. If you are sharing on Instagram it tends to favour the quake 1:1 aspect ratio. You can also use 4:5 or 8:10 too. When you go to the crop settings in whatever app you use there will be an option to select any of these sizes. My advice would be to use them as your template and manoeuvre the image within those sizes. Instagram for all of it’s positives has a number of limitations, the way you can size to fit being one. There is an app called Whitagram that can help overcome this but I think that is only available on the iPhone. It enables any image to be sized for Instagram’s 1:1 ratio by using borders. The downside of this is that the size of your image is reduced.



If you found this post useful but would like to learn more I do offer one to one Zoom calls where we dig more deeply into you photography process and I can provide advice. These last about an hour and can be as technical as you want them to be. To find out more visit our ‘Ask’ page here.

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