Millinery Photography Tips – Do not buy the latest camera model.

Actually ‘do not’ may be a bit harsh, it’s entirely up to you. Truth, I have never bought the latest camera model. I currently shoot with a Nikon D800 that I bought a couple of years ago and it was 8 years old back then and in some ways it is overkill for millinery photography. I have been to so many workshops where guys pull out the latest model and high end lenses, have spent in excess of £5k yet have no idea of how to release the full potential of the camera. I simply don’t have that kind of budget. Plus for me a camera is not a status symbol.

I started on a second hand Nikon D40 and that is more than adequate. Sure you won’t get an LCD back or 5,000 gazillion pixels, (which btw you don’t actually need unless you are planning on putting work on the side of a double decker bus), but the core manual controls are essentially the same as the latest model. In terms of my first proper camera, the D40, it takes a good shot and that is what photography is about. For me a camera is a means to an end.

Part of my role here is to guide you. I have done the hours, days, weeks of surfing, convinced myself that I needed ‘x’ and then later realising that actually I needed ‘y.’  You probably don’t even need a camera. Smartphones are packing a serious punch these days and I can see a time in the future where they will be on a par with DSLR’s for specific types of photography including millinery.

When purchasing any kit I always suggest asking these simple questions;

  • what am I trying to achieve?
  • what do I need?
  • what can I afford?
  • is there a cheaper/better way to do this?

On the last question the answer is nearly always yes. My slightly rebellious nature means I try to ‘hack’ processes that big camera manufacturers want us to buy into. I am looking all the time for cheaper ways to do something without the big investment whilst at the same time maintaining quality.

And this is what I want to help you with.

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