Donna Hartley Millinery Exhibition – Museu Chapelaria

Anjee and I are delighted to see the work of Donna Hartley Millinery on display at a new exhibition at Museu Chapelaria.

We have had the privilege of creating images for Donna and Jo on numerous occasions. They are both very talented and we consider them to be our friends. Their work is dramatic, chic and ultra glamorous. Their hats portray women as empowered, sophisticated and in control.

To quote the exhibition;

Donna Hartley Millinery. A Touch of Elegance’ is the new international temporary exhibition at the Museu Chapelaria. The Donna Hartley Millinery brand emerged in May 2015, born out of the deep friendship between a hat designer and an artist. Donna Hartley’s expertise in the traditional design and manufacture of hats and headdresses is associated with Joanne Jones’ creative exuberance and artistic gaze. Donna Hartley Millinery pieces perfectly combine a delicate balance between chic Parisienne style, Spanish extravagance and British refinement, presenting a unique style for any occasion.”

But Donna and Jo also challenge us in our work for them, pushing us further to strive for perfection.

Alas, we are not sure if we will be able to travel to the exhibition die to lockdown restrictions but not to worry. It has been a privilege to contribute to this exhibition.

Well done ladies!



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