Portraits can help visualise valuable stories

As portrait photographers we document stories through the capture of a face. Portraits can help visualise valuable stories.

In lockdown we have been thinking creatively about what we can do to help share people’s stories.

We’d like to offer to take portraits of people at no cost other than our travel expenses (petrol and a Starbucks). In return we will photograph people in beautiful light and provide the edited images that they can use to visualise their story.

We only have a few caveats;

  • Applicants should be not-for-profit or charitable organisations with a story they want to socialise,
  • They should be UK based and ideally not too far from us in the Midlands UK
  • Portraits would be taken using our mobile studio at a weekend so ‘have camera, will travel’
  • Safe distancing will apply

All work would be distributed as you see fit so you can control your message distribution.

If anyone is interested just drop us a message below and we can arrange a discovery call.

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