One of the best ways for a milliner to improve their hat photography skills is to ask a professional hat photographer. The Portrait Kitchen would like to help you by offering a one hour one-to-one photography advice service via Zoom.

Suggested price: £30.00

Minimum price: £15.00



‘Ask Me Anything’ is a service we provide for milliners to help them improve their photography skills. The service is an hour long and delivered one-to-one via Zoom on a weekend. Typical things we can cover;

  • Constructive review of your images. Often some simple, low cost and easy to do tips can make a huge difference in making your hats stand out.
  • We can share advice on how to compose better with a smartphone. Smartphones and their apps have lots of hidden tools.
  • Maybe you would like to learn about using light well. Managing light well, even ambient light can make a big difference.
  • Baffled by soft boxes, beauty dishes, reflectors, flash, continuous light, white balance? Let us unbaffle you.

Perhaps you are want to step up and be even more creative with light, you may want to use a traditional digital camera or even consider going with off-camera light? Sometimes it can be confusing knowing how to use a camera, what to buy and from where. We know what equipment to use that can do the job for a fraction of the price of big brand names. You don’t have to spend big to take good photos.

We promise not to baffle you with photography jargon. We go at your pace and because we use Zoom it doesn’t matter where you are in the world. After your ‘Ask’ session you will receive an email summarising the call as well as any links to products that we discussed. You are welcome to ask additional questions after the Zoom and if you are happy with what we say you are welcome to put a tip in our Tip Jar.

Want to make your hat photos look even more amazing? Simply purchase a slot and Jon will be in touch to book a time that works for you. We will also send you a simple questionnaire to complete that allows you to explain what you would like to learn so that your Zoom is properly prepped and you get the maximum value from the hour long session.