Millinery Photography Tips – Remove Distractions

This is a simple to do tip at zero cost. Remove any distractions

A distraction can be many things. It maybe something in the background such as a bowl or Uncle Bob walking behind someone at a wedding. I once saw a hat image worn by a lady at a racing event. She was leaning against a railing and to camera left was a large brown colour. I couldn’t work out what it was so I kept looking at it and not the hat. After a few seconds I realised it was the hind quarters of a racing horse. Once seen it could not be unseen. I have no memory of the hat.

What a distraction does is take your eye away from what you want the client to be looking at, your hat. A distraction competes with your hat.

Here is an example of what I mean.

The Portrait KitchenThis is a fab hat but it has some competition fighting for the viewer’s attention. There are numerous bowls, plants and stands in the background. They are not adding to the image. If the objects apart from the hat and mannequin head were removed all my eye would be looking at is the hat. And as a milliner that is what you want your clients to be doing.

A couple of other observations. I’d have pushed the hat and stand further back towards the corner (but not so much that I create hard shadows) so I see the full stand. This may just me but I like to see things top to bottom in full.

The corner I like a lot because if the hat is positioned well it creates very subtle perspective lines to draw the eye in. What worked for the great Renaissance artists can work for you.

One other thought on distractions. When I shoot I make the hat own the image. I rarely if ever shoot a hat on a model in full length and there is a reason for that. If the model is wearing a nice dress, heels and is carrying a handbag etc all of these are competing with your hat. They are distracting. And you wouldn’t want your images to sell somebody else’s work.

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