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We don’t just photograph hats on models. We also photograph hats on stands. In fact since Covid19 we get more and more requests for hats to be photographed on stands. Photographing hats on stands provides milliners with high quality product images of their hats without the cost of a model and make up artist.

We photograph hats on stands for clients all over the world. You arrange the courier, we photograph your hats to magazine quality, you receive the images and hats are returned. Simple process and (the important bit), simple affordable pricing.

Our pricing for ‘hats on stands’ is charged on a per hat basis (£30) so you know what you are paying for. We provide basic editing for this price which will include removal of any stray threads that may not be immediately noticeable. We even digitally x-ray images to ensure all dust spots and are removed. Want clean white backgrounds? No problem. Want colour backdrops to enhance drama or a season? Yep we can do that too.

All hats on stands are photographed at multiple angles so your client can see your work from different viewpoints. Because we shoot in high resolution clients can zoom in to see tiny detailing.

We can receive hats from anywhere in the world to be photographed. You send, we photograph, you review, we return them to you.

Want to use your own hat stands? Just include them in your delivery.

We can also shoot a hat and then adjust the colour as required. This means a milliner can create one hat but market numerous colours for their client to choose from without the build cost ie a hat can be built to order. Literally any colour because we can eyedrop from any colour palette or pantone you have.

Please note that we work in a smoke/pet free studio and all hats are handled, placed and packaged with extreme care and attention.

Margaret Woodliff Wright Millinery
Margaret Woodliff Wright Millinery
Giulia Mio Millinery
Margaret Woodliff Millinery
Donna Hartley Millinery
Margaret Woodliff Wright

Free consultation

We always advise having an initial consultation. It can be carried out over the phone or virtually. This will give you time to explain what you want to achieve from your shoot and will ensure that we deliver on your requirements.

This chat will take approximately half an hour and is a free service. We will also explain the form we will be sending you. This asks a few simple questions as well as how you want your hats to sit. We even have an upload image option to make sure we get it spot on.

What do I get?

  • Hats photographed on a stand at multiple angles, using studio lighting and an arctic white background. We can change background colours but using white as a base is the best starting point.
  • Typically, a minimum of 10 images per hat, edited and delivered to you for download via a secure web gallery within five working days. We focus on quality not quantity with our images.
  • Full usage rights (with accreditation).
  • We are also graphic designers so for a small additional charge we can lay your logo over images, change a hat’s colour to colour swatches or Pantone’s of your choosing


Once you are happy with the plan we have created we just need to agree a date and we will manage the entire shoot for you. You pay 50% as a deposit and you only pay the difference when you are happy.

Do I have to attend the shoot?

There is no need to attend the shoot especially in these social distancing times. This also means that wherever you are in the world, if you can get your hats to us we can photograph them. We have photographed hats for clients in Europe and the USA.

How much does it cost?

We charge £30 per hat with a minimum of 3 hats and a maximum of 10 hats per shoot. We are happy to discuss discounting for a large collection.

If you want additional retouching including colour swapping that is charged at £25 per hat. We always advise that you do this after the initial images have been reviewed so you know which specific images you want retouching.

Please note that delivery and courier insurance costs are paid for by you. We can quote you for a return courier charge at you required insurance level.

How many hats can I send?

There is a minimum order of 3 hats and a maximum of 10 hats per shoot.  If you have more than 10 then contact us for a discount.

We do offer a Collection Package, typically 6 hats. This is charged at £150.

We also offer discount vouchers for repeat customers and also for existing clients who refer us to new clients.

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