Some thoughts on millinery photography

A lot of millinery photography is down to personal preferences. Our preference is to have a very uncluttered image with a hat as the centrepiece. Whilst a dramatic back drop such as a location may seem spectacular is that useful if your buyer thinks of the backdrop rather than your hat?

For budget reasons many may not be able to afford formal studio photography. We have tried to create a solution where, for a competitive fee, a milliner can get the images that they want to help them display and sell more hats.

During a recent chat with a fashion stylist who works with major publications, she talked about her frustration at seeing hats on polystyrene head stands. Whilst the hat was on a stand she felt it lacked the emotion connection that a potential buyer would feel if they saw the hat sat on a model.

It is no coincidence that the most successful milliners invest in their photography.

It is also important to engage with your photographer pre-shoot so you can explain your goals and what you want to achieve. A good photographer will invest the time in understanding your work and start to build a long term working relationship with you because there are many seasons in a year.

Be strong! Whilst The Portrait Kitchen will make suggestions about your composition, we are not prescriptive. Always remember this is your passion, your art and we want you to receive work that makes you feel proud of what you have made using photography that helps your business grow.

Invest in a model who can connect with your buyer’s persona. There is more to modelling than standing in front of a camera. A good photographer will have access to numerous professional models that you can select from. The same can be said of a make up artist (MUA).


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