The model

Viva la model

The model is a vital part of our work.

They heighten the emotional connection between our client’s hat and the viewer /buyer. Without an emotional connection the buyer won’t buy.

But millinery models are actually not that easy to find. We get approached by many, many models but very few meet our millinery requirements. The composition space we work in is very tight. This is deliberate so the hat dominates the shot. As a consequence what a model does in that space is very important.

We are pedantic about hair and make up because they will be on show in a way that a viewer may not notice in say a full length shot.

Our models must be able to emote a mood, an attitude that draws the viewer in, be that a vampish Dita von Teese look or something more English rose. Posing in a typical model ways is not for us because most of that pose will not be in the frame.

All of our clients have a choice of model and we select models based on their specific look to ensure that we have a broad set of options.

The model must emote in such a way as to ask a question that the viewer wants to try and answer. They must try and create a space or fantasy that the viewer wants to be part of or explore.

A hat is a bold statement, it is an entrance piece, a talking point, a playful fashion weapon so a model must be able to meet that boldness, no matter what her age.

Models must also bring their own ideas to the table and this is something that Anjee and I always encourage.

And, this is important, all of our models get paid for working with us. Their job is no less important than ours and that should be rewarded.

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