Tidy Up Time

I have had a chance to tidy up our site and service offerings. I was keen to make it a bit clearer and logical. It also allows The Portrait Kitchen to focus on what it does best; millinery photography.

There are now three options to choose from; ‘Luxe’ ‘Pro’ and ‘Ask.’

These can all be found in our new Shop.

  • ‘Luxe’ is our premium service. It is a 4 hour model shoot for up to 10 hats, 10 images professionally retouched, shoot mood board collaboration and the option for a milliner to dial in over Zoom from the comfort of their own home as the shoot happens so you can provide creative input. ‘Luxe’ is perfect for the milliner who wants to go beyond our ‘Pro‘ photography service and is seeking a deeper narrative for their images.
  • ‘Pro’ is a 2 hour model shoot for up to 5 hats, with 5 images professionally retouched. This option offers a more affordable model photoshoot allowing milliners to move up to the next level from say smartphone photography.
  • ‘Ask’ is our one to one photography tips service delivered via Zoom. This allows a milliner to get dedicated and bespoke advice around how they shoot their own photographs.

All services can be delivered wherever you are in the world.

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