Which model for your hat?

Different hats may require a different model. You may want your hat to be worn from a model that is a certain age, a certain hair colour. Perhaps you want them to emote a particular look or style.

We have an ever growing group of models that our clients can select from here. All our models have done millinery photoshoots with us so we know they are reliable as well as talented.

We always recommend using good models because whilst sitting with a hat on your head sounds like easy work it is a long shift of 3-4 hours. For an inexperienced sitter that could mean that shoulders start to droop and which will be reflected in the hat = very unhappy client.

We always pay our models the market rate and they all get their images for their portfolio. Paying someone ensures that they are more likely to turn up on the day than not and frankly this is their job. Plus it’s only fair to do so.

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