Why have a portrait taken?

That is a good question. We live in a world of smartphones and they do provide instantaneous recording of moments with our friends and family.

Smartphones aren’t about replacing a high end camera or vice versa. It is about using the best tool in the right situation.

Formal portraiture is in some ways the complete opposite of the smartphone portrait. In formal portraiture we plan an objective and construct a set-up to achieve that. For us it is about slowing the moment down so that we can think through what our sitter wants to achieve. We can then manage the light so it helps create a strong visual connection between the sitter and the viewer.

But it is also about the sitter feeling empowered and uplifted by the portrait that we create for them.

We have been fortunate in our work to collaborate with a vast array of people such as milliners, actors and musicians. Our goal is to capture their individuality in a single frame. We want them to feel empowered and positive about what we capture.

If you would like to have your portrait taken let us know.

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