The Portrait Kitchen
Corporate Portrait Photography The Portrait Kitchen

Celebrate yourself or a loved one through a portrait.

More than a picture.

A portrait is about helping you feel great about yourself.


“But I hate having my photo taken.”

Every sitter on this page said that to us. But don’t worry, we’ve got this for you.

The Portrait Kitchen


We are all about finding an emotion because it is emotions that connect us. “You’ve captured the real me” is music to our ears.

The Portrait Kitchen

Want drama? We can do drama.

We have no prescribed look or style but we have ideas. And you can also tell us what you want to achieve and we will take you there.

Your portrait


We understand that times are tough. But capturing a moment in time that truly represents you or a loved one is priceless and is forever. Our photoshoots are short and affordable. One price, no strings.

jason segade The Portrait Kitchen

Let’s talk.

Before you get in front of the camera let’s talk. We always advise clients have a free initial discovery call so we can get to know what you want to achieve with your portrait.

Corporate Portrait Photography The Portrait Kitchen

Hi and thank you for visiting The Portrait Kitchen. We are Jon and Anjee, a UK based couple with one goal; to create great images for our clients.

Our niche is couture millinery photography but we also love to do portraits.

We shoot from our kitchen (hence the name) in the small market town of Atherstone, Warwickshire. This is our home and we treat clients like they are guests visiting. For many sitters this works well as we have a relaxed and informal space rather than an intimidating big studio.

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