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About The Portrait Kitchen

Welcome to The Portrait Kitchen.

My name is Jon Busby. I am a commercial, editorial portrait and hat photographer based in the Midlands, UK. I photograph people from all walks of life; actors, models, corporate etc.

I began portrait photography with my wife Anjee in our kitchen, hence the name. I now use studio facilities all across the UK to photograph our clients.

I have been a millinery photographer for a number of years. My work has been exhibited in Europe and I have been featured in ‘Professional Photo’ magazine, The Portrait System Podcast and Affinity Spotlight.

I photograph in a minimal cinematic style to create depth of character and presence in my clients. My work is about capturing inner peace, reflection, connection and transcending the instantaneous (and often poorly lit) style of a smartphone selfie.

Portraits go back to almost the beginning of humanity. They have been used to record status, wealth, history, milestones, events and memories. Although they are only a moment in time I strive to make a portrait look timeless.

My camera is simply a means to an end in portrait photography. It can get in the way of real connection. I try to avoid that with my portrait photography. I want to show the person behind the picture; who they really are, and not just the face they show the rest of the world.

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