Virtual Photoshoot For Milliners

Diana Cavagnaro
Diana Cavagnaro Millinery - Model, Leeds UK, Photographer, Birmingham UK, Milliner California USA

Pro studio photography of your hats on a model, from the comfort of your home.

You are sat at home on your laptop or iPad waiting for the Zoom room to open.

The presenter lets you in and in front of you on your screen is a model wearing one of your hats. Everything is set up for your virtual shoot.

The model could be in London, Manchester or anywhere.

On the screen you will see camera settings that I control from my laptop on my kitchen table just east of Birmingham. The two hour shoot begins and as shots are taken you see them appear for review.

Welcome to your virtual millinery photoshoot, from the comfort of your own home.

What is a virtual shoot?

Remote or virtual shoots grew out of the pandemic when it was impossible to do studio shoots.

Models realised that if they set up their own home studios and used good cameras, lenses and lighting they could replicate an actual studio via Zoom. Control of the camera and all its settings is done via an app that I manage.

I have tested the process out and the quality of the set up and images is superb.

Every image on this page has been shot remotely so you can decide on the quality for yourself.

Virtual Photoshoot for Milliners
Virtual Photoshoot for Milliners

How It Works


Discovery Call

Let’s start with a conversation. You probably have lots of questions. We have lots of answers. We provide a 45 minute discovery call for free. You can then decide for yourself whether you want to go ‘Virtual.’ Complete the contact form at the bottom and we will be in touch.


Model Selection

You have numerous models to choose from. Just pick the one that you think best suits your style. The models we use also provide creative input with backdrops and set design.


Despatch of Hats

Send your hats to the model’s studio. Hats are light so don’t cost too much to send. We advise sending them insured.


Shoot Day

The model will send you a link to their Zoom meeting room where your shoot will take place. We will  be attending and will manage all of the photography tech.

Apart from being present at the shoot you will see images as they are created in real time. You can then make comments or suggestions to ensure that the images are how you want them and your hats are sat correctly on the model.


Return of Hats

We will organise the return of your hats.. You can pay the courier charge via PayPal etc. Please note the courier charge must be paid before hats are sent back.


Delivery of Your Images

All images are sent to you within 10 days of the shoot and usually quicker than that. Your images will have been lightly edited. They are sent in a private digital album. You can download them and share as you see fit.


  • A 2 hour online photo session, using studio lighting and a selection of our solid colour backdrops.
  • Send your hats to our studios.
  • Dial into the shoot over Zoom, everything will happen before you. I manage the photography process.
  • One experienced millinery model.
  • Photoshoot designed around what you want to achieve, with optional extra to have a set designed for your requirements.
  • Typically, a minimum of 20-30 images per hat, lightly edited and delivered to you for download via a secure web gallery.
  • Full usage rights.
per virtual session

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