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Some of my favourite work is built around a moment, seeing someone and thinking that they have a face I would like to photograph. This is how my portraits of Steve started.

Anjee and I had gone for a morning walk and stopped for a Costa’s. I saw Steve sat with friends and thought “I’d like to photograph his face.” I had never met him before so was a bit shy about asking. Anjee made the approach and within a matter of days Steve and his partner Helen were sitting for us.

Sometimes our best work can happen in the moment. Opportunity can just present itself and we either respond or we don’t.

My ambition in any portrait is to bring out an individual’s personality or character and the reward for me is in perfecting the light so the sitter, their family and friends are pleased with the final output. But above and beyond that there is the engagement, the sharing of stories and history, many of the things you can’t see in a portrait.

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