Photoshoot – Donna Hartley Millinery

It was wonderful to photograph some of Donna Hartley’s new Mardi Gras Collection. As with all of Donna’s work it is bold, vibrant and always makes a statement. We saw the return of ‘Flo’ and Donna’s (and Jo’s) award winning ‘Lanza’ although somewhat more colourful this time round.

Due to social distancing we couldn’t use a model and an MUA so we used an MUA who hadn’t modelled before, Indy. You’d never guess this was her first time modelling.

We also took the opportunity to take some photographs of the hats on hatstands. This is a new service we are providing to help milliners have their work photographed more affordably. The great thing about shooting hats on stands is that we can now help any milliner in any part of the world.

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