Hats photographed on stands

We are pleased to announce our new service, photography of hats on stands for milliners.

We have done this to provide milliners with a more affordable product photography service without compromising on our image quality standard.

When we started our millinery photography we felt that using models would be the best option and we continue to provide this service.

But COVID-19 has made things more challenging for our clients both in terms of attending shoots and affordability. We recognise this and wanted to provide a workable solution for the millinery community.

We did market research and a number of milliners told us that they actually preferred their hats to be photographed on stands at numerous angles, well lit and composed.

This also means that we can receive and photograph hats from anywhere in the world.

This service makes photographing hats more affordable for our clients as the cost of a model and make up artist are eliminated.

So what do we provide?

Each hat can be photographed on a high quality hat stand, in studio lighting to bring out detailing. We also provide a selection of coloured and textured backgrounds to make the hats ‘pop.’

If you have a logo we can place that on the image to provide additional polish.

There is no lower or upper limit to the number of hats you can send us. It can be 1 or 100. We can normally shoot up to 10-15 hats per day. You can even send your own stands if you would prefer us to use them instead of the ones we use.

All hats are then edited, retouched (if necessary) and placed in a secure online album for you to review and download for placing on your site, ETSY store and social media channels. Typically you would be looking at 5-10 images per hat shot at numerous angles so clients can see your hats in their entirety.

Please note that we live in a pet/smoke free home and all hats are treat with extreme care. We always request an initial phone discussion so we can understand how you want the hat positioned and lit.

Our charging is simple, £30 per hat for everything except return courier costs. We can even quote you for signed and insured delivery of hats back to you on completion of the shoot. All you have to do is organise delivery to us.

To find out more just drop us an email. Sample shots are below.

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