Millinery Photography Tips – Tripod and earbuds

If you use headstands here is a quick millinery photography tip.

Set your hat on the stand and use a neutral background, say a wall. You could also use an A0 card backdrop in any colour from an arts and craft shop and tape it to the wall.

Find a tripod to put your iPhone in, something like this. Bonus, you can use it for Zoom calls.

Everything, (the table the stand is on and the background) needs to be a neutral to bring out the colour of the hat. I tend to avoid brilliant white as it can be a bit harsh. Maybe an off white or whatever you prefer.

Your light source can be the sun coming in from the side through a window. If that is too harsh drape some transluscent material to diffuse it. You could also do the photo in the golden hour. 

Align the camera so it is on the same level as where the eyes would be on the wearer. Think of it like two walls facing one another. Key thing is they have to be parallel. This alignment technique is used a lot by food photographers only they would shoot from above, parallel to the food.

Put your earbuds (wired) into the phone. Attach it to the tripod and then go to your camera app. Click the ‘+’ or ‘-‘ button on the volumes control on the earbuds and the photograph will be taken. Simple.

I’d suggest a front on shot, one for each side, one of the rear and maybe a hand held from above if there is detailing to capture on top of the hat. That way your buyer can see all angles.

I am not sure if this can be done on a non-iOS phone but the same principles should apply.

Have a lovely weekend.

Jon & Anjee run The Portrait Kitchen. They specialise in millinery photography, helping milliners from all over the world create great hat photographs to market to their clients. Millinery Photography Tips has been developed to help milliners learn how to photograph their work no matter what their budget or skill levels.

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