New colour backdrop – Aqua

We are delighted to have added to our colour backgrounds, aqua.

It has so many colours that it can be matched with. As Claire Murray has mentioned on Quora,

“You can keep it soft and feminine with pastel shades of pink, lilac, yellow or peach or create a bold masculine look with black, gold, bottle green, navy or plum.

For a summery tropical theme it’s nice with canary yellow, fucschia pink and lime green.

With other shades of green, blue and white it’s soothing, fresh and nautical.

For an oppulent, rich and winter look, teal, rich purples, plum, emerald and petrol green, royal and navy blues, very dark chocolate browns, black, gold and silver are good.

For bold contrasts, coral, orange, an orangey yellow, yellow or red create an interesting look.

Paired with maroon, chocolate brown or burnt orange it creates what I feel is a retro distinguished feel. It can sometimes be a little unsettling when paired in the wrong setting. I personally am not a fan of these combinations when they are used for fussy flowery patterns but think they are effective as accents to aqua as the main colour. An aqua car for example with maroon pin-striping would be very classy. A chocolate brown bag with a small aqua detail or handle would be effective too.

Paired with neutrals of black, grey and white on their own or together creates other moods depending on how they are used. Lots of light grey and white can be light soft and relaxing. Paired with dark greys and black it creates a more intense, colder look.

Paired with grey and other hues like cerise pink, bright purple, lime green, bright orange, yellow or azure blue it creates a fresh dynamic look and is often seen in sports clothing and swimwear.

With pinky purple and greens it is reminiscent of mermaids tails. With bottle green and purple, peacock feathers.

With shades of cream, beige or soft brown it gives a calm desert or seashore skyline effect.”

, New colour backdrop – Aqua

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