Return of The Portrait Kitchen – al fresco

After a number of weeks of planning Anjee and I are pleased to announce that we are reopening The Portrait Kitchen for millinery photography.

Like many micro businesses we have been hit hard by COVID-19 but we completely understand the gravity of the situation that we have all been through. We are therefore taking our first small steps back to what used to be called ‘normality.’

Although government guidelines allow photography studios to reopen from 15th June 2020 we have decided to take a more robust approach. Here are some of the things that we are doing to ensure everyone involved is safe.

  1. There will be no indoor shoots, we are going al fresco. The garden that has become our sanctuary and saviour in this crisis is being turned into an outdoor studio,
  2. We will only be using one model who is accomplished with make up. We have three models for you to choose from  to wear your hats. We would love to help support our make up artist friends but we need to reduce risks by reducing attendees,
  3. Models will arrive and do their modelling alone. Allowing boyfriends or parents to come along at the moment potentially increases exposure so we can’t allow that,
  4. All shots will be taken at a minimum of a 2 metre distance. Whatever the guidelines are or become, for now, we will maintain our 2 metre minimum rule
  5. There will be a separate refreshment and make up area for the model along with sanitising hand gels etc,
  6. Shoots will take place from 1pm to 4pm so no lunch will be provided,
  7. Access to our garden studio will be via a side gate ie not through our home
  8. In the case of milliners, you do not have to attend in person, (although you are more than welcome to if you respect our safety guidelines). If you can arrange a courier to drop off and pick up your hats then that works for us. We have a set up that we have used before for overseas clients that enables you to dial in via FaceTime and view your shoot in real time so you can advise on hat placement wherever you are in the world as long as you have a device and wifi,
  9. Similarly as shots are taken they will appear in real time via a browser on your device so you can instantly critique, comment, suggest via video link. Please bear in mind these will be raw images straight out of camera before being retouched,
  10. Milliners can have up to 5 hats photographed per session.

Anjee and I are conscious that we have all been through and continue to go through challenging times both financially and emotionally and we hope our guidelines provide you with comfort around our preparation. To reflect the times we have decided to review our pricing until we are all back on our feet.

For the first 5 milliners who are comfortable with our guidelines we are proposing a flat fee of £150. This covers the cost of the shoot, editing of images and the model.

We hope this will help you kickstart your millinery business. as ever if you have any questions just let us know.

Take care and be safe.

Jon & Anjee

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