Millinery Photography

At The Portrait Kitchen, we love doing millinery photography. Our goal is to make a milliner’s hats stand out in all their glory. Wherever you are in the world we can photograph your hats.

We shoot in a clean and uncluttered style to reduce visual distraction and draw focus to your work. We want to make sure your hats and head-wear look their best, enabling your clients to quickly visualise how a hat looks on them.

We would liken our work more to product photography rather than portraiture because the main players are your hats. But we take proven portraiture techniques to humanise hats, to create an emotional connection and make them more desirable.

By providing high quality photography that uses either a hat stand or professional model we enable our millinery clients to not only celebrate their work but also produce images for impactful marketing on their websites, online store and social media channels.

We can photograph your hats on a hat stand because some milliners only want product images. This service is less expensive as there is no model or make up involved.

Our studio is in our large kitchen, hence our name. We use professional studio lighting, colour correction and neutral backgrounds with colours that match your hats.

We always work with experienced models and actors to showcase your hats. Using a model who knows how to position their head, work their posture and be relaxed in front of the camera creates great millinery shots.

So, if you want images beyond the hatstand then find out more below.

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  • Amy Fowler Millinery
  • Donna Hartley Millinery
  • Gemma Holley Millinery
  • Jane Fryers Millinery
  • Miss B Millinery
  • Sarah Ross Millinery
Donna Hartley Millinery - Mardi Gras
Donna Hartley Millinery - Lanza Mardi Gras
Donna Hartley Millinery - Hardy Mardi Gras
Amy Fowler Millinery
Amy Fowler Millinery
Amy Fowler Millinery

Free consultation

We always advise on having an initial consultation. It can be carried out over the phone or in person if you live nearby. This will give you time to explain what you want to achieve from your shoot and will ensure that we can deliver on your requirements. This chat will take approximately an hour and is a free service. You can also send us sample images or share a Pinterest board depicting the mood you would like to achieve.

We also provide you with access to our private model portfolio. Here you can decide which model you would like to use. Our models have a variety of looks and a good cross section of age ranges. Choose the model(s) and we will arrange for them to attend.

What do I get?

  • A 3 hour photo session, using studio lighting and a selection of our solid colour backdrops.
  • Photoshoot designed around what you want to achieve.
  • One experienced model. You can see a selection of models we use here. Just let us know which you prefer. All of our models are adept at makeup. If you require an additional model, there is a £50 charge per model. If you want us to source a make up artist (MUA) we can do that as we know many. We always advise using an MUA if your budget can manage that. For a session like ours they normally charge about £50.
  • Typically, a minimum of 10-20 images per hat, lightly edited and delivered to you for download via a secure web gallery within five working days. We focus on quality not quantity with our images.
  • If you want a formal portrait of yourself taken for your marketing, we can provide that too during the session.
  • Full usage rights (with accreditation).
  • We are also graphic designers so for a small additional charge we can lay your logo over images as well as mix page layout, fonts etc.


Once you are happy with the plan we have created we just need to agree a date and we will manage the entire shoot for you.

Do I have to attend the shoot?

Ideally, yes, because you will probably want to sit your hats on the model. Plus we love meeting our clients! That said, we can shoot your hats no matter where you are in the world.

We have a number of overseas clients who send us their hats as long as you arrange delivery and pick up via a courier. You can also view a shoot virtually through FaceTime or WhatsApp should you want to review how hat is sitting on our model’s head. As we take our photographs they are synced in real time direct to your device, wherever you are in the world. To find out more click here.

We live in a smoke and pet free home and your hats will be treat at all times with the respect they deserve.

How much does it cost if I want to use a model and make up artist?

We charge £250 for a 3 hour millinery shoot. This fee covers up to 6 hats. Our models charge separately £50 to attend a shoot. We have a selection of models for you to choose from. We have worked with all our models before on millinery shoots. You pay the model on the day.

We always advise using professional models and ideally a make up artist (MUA). An MUA can make all the difference to an image. If you require a milliner their normal charge is £50.

To proceed, following a discovery call, you pay £50 as a deposit in advance to secure your booking with the balance paid after the shoot via an invoice detailing work completed. We are not ‘clock watchers’ so if we can fit in some extra time we will try to.

How much does it cost if I want my hats photographed on a hat stand rather than a model?

For hats photographed on stands we charge £30 per hat (excluding delivery costs). You can have as many hats photographed as you like. If you want to use your own stands then include them in your delivery.

Hats are photographed, edited and then sent to you for review and usage. We shoot hats from multiple angles so your buyer can see the whole creation as well as how it it attaches to the head. We can also remove things like elastic using Photoshop if you want that.

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