The Milliner Lockdown Challenge – Margie Trembley

Margie TrembleyAs you may know we are running a fun questionnaire for milliners to complete and share a bit about themselves to the wider community. If you would like to take part just click here.

So far we have had milliners from the UK, Spain, Brazil, Australia and now the USA with Margie Trembley. So over to you Margie.

Who are you?

My name is Margie Trembley. My label is Margie Trembley Chapeaux. My millinery studio and art gallery are in Small town Springfield in the Omaha Nebraska Metro area. Love making hats!

How are you and your loved ones coping at the moment?

I have been finishing up some organizing projects that always seem to get put on the back burner. I am supporting the USA Milliners virtual Oaks event as well as talking hats all the time. I am improving my social media presence and seeking out those who can help me with editorial assistance and keeping my creative juices flowing by taking watercolour classes.

What are you most worried about?

Cash flow since hat sales are nil right now, usually the busiest time of the year for me.

Tell us a little bit about your interest in millinery.

I used to be a felter and “ graduated “ to millinery after taking a hat making class using wool roving. There I learned about millinery suppliers, classes, etc.

Have had one of my hats in Vogue USA and Churchill Downs web pages, however no credit was given, so no one knows who made that hat. Creating hats is an amazing profession which allows me to use my creativity. Making someone feel special is what I do.

If you could pick one celebrity to wear one of your hats who would it be and why?

Meghan Markle, she would get a lot of publicity and she looks fabulous in hats

What was the last film you watched?


What song or musical artist are you listening to a lot at the moment?

Anything by Elvis.

What was the last book that you read?

Acrylic Animals ( an art book)

What word or expression do you use a lot?


If you could invite three people to dinner, past or present, who would they be and why would you invite them?

Gerald Ford. I got to hear him at a dedication but didn’t get to shake his hand.

Keith Urban, very cool guy and nice too.

Frankie Avalon ( heartthrob when I was a teen)

Tell us a guilty pleasure you have.


Name a luxury in your life you can’t do without?

Mayonnaise 😍

Thanks Margie, great answers!

Jon & Anjee.

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