The #voguechallenge for milliners

IMG 0956 The Portrait KitchenOver the last week or so we have been participating in the #voguechallenge that has had two objectives;

· allowing photographers like us to go for it creating spoof Vogue covers, and, where possible

· to highlight BAME creatives

It’s a smart move by Vogue to keep their brand in the spotlight during the pandemic. For photographers and retouchers like us it was a bit of a ‘wow’ moment.

That said we are not blind to some of the things going on at Vogue in terms of their culture.

Because we are millinery photographers we decided to push that a little further with millinery specific Vogue covers using the work of couture hat makers we have collaborated with to the point of creating believable headers. We have done this to highlight their hats in an impactful way. These are challenging times for all so any creativity helps.

Jon has enjoyed the campaign because it has given him the chance to use the lockdown positively and increase his Photoshop skills to edit not only images but also lay over impactful text.

Finally, as we come out of lockdown, we are opening up our shoots but with caution and strict guidelines. We can now shoot for any milliner, based anywhere in the world through the use of smart technology. If you are interested in having your collection photographed then drop us a note.

Stay safe!





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