Millinery Photography Tips – How to upload your hat images so they fit inside the Instagram frame, for free

Here is a quick tip.

Problem. You have taken a photo but when you upload it to Instagram it doesn’t fit their native 1:1 square format. Perhaps cropping off the top of a quill feather, (yes, I am looking at you Donna Hartley Millinery and your outrageous feathers). I see this problem a lot with milliners. So how do you upload your hat images so they fit inside the Instagram frame.

There is a frame reset button in the bottom left hand corner of the image before you upload that may solve the problem a little but not always how you want it.

So your beautiful work is not shown in it’s full glory.

Fortunately there is a solution. Better still it is easy to do via an app and even better than that the app is free. That app is called Whitagram and it is available on iOs (not Android).

You upload your whole picture from your camera roll into the app then adjust the slider to fit how you want and it remains within the Instagram square frame (aim for the white square button). You can set the background colour in say white or whatever your preference is. I tend to use white as it is clean and gives more of a magazine feel. Save it to your camera roll (which is what I tend to do) or upload it from the app into Instagram and publish.

There are probably other apps out there but this one works for me.

There you go, that’s your evening sorted for a bit of design experimentation.

Have a lovely weekend.

Jon & Anjee run The Portrait Kitchen. They specialise in millinery photography, helping milliners from all over the world make great hat photographs to market to their clients. Millinery Photography Tips has been developed to help milliners learn how to photograph their work no matter what their budget or skill levels.

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