The Virtual Hat Shoot Service

Could this be the best Zoom you will ever attend?

We are delighted to launch our Virtual Photography Service for Milliners.

What exactly is a virtual shoot?

During the pandemic a group of savvy models started to build their own studios with top camera and lighting set ups. They also created incredible composition themes.

This allows a photographer to dial in over Zoom and take control of the camera and settings via an app. It’s a studio but not in the traditional sense.

From a milliner’s point of view there is no travelling and you can dial in to your shoot in real time.

From my point of view there is zero compromise in quality.

So how does it work?

The milliner sends their hats directly to the model’s studio and pays for them to be couriered back.

The milliner attends virtually via Zoom to provide creative input and ensure that hats are placed correctly.

As an example below are some images that I have shot virtually for Diana Caravagno with me in Birmingham, the model in Leeds and Diana in California. Kind of mind blowing but as you can see it does work.

There is no compromise on image quality.

I have partnered up with a number of models who specialise in virtual shoots.

At the moment we are only offering this service to milliners based in the UK due to customs charging and bureaucracy. However we are building our model base to include models in the EU and USA.

At £200 for two hours (including the model) this makes a shoot of up to 10 hats more affordable.

For more information have a look at our virtual hat photography page here.


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